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Iron Ring Party


After the official iron ring ceremony and obligation on March 7, 2002 several of us met for the evening at the Vancouver Rowing Club. Some engineering students from SFU also came along. Thank you Renee for organzing this party.

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Sitting Around
View into Coal Harbour from inside the Vancouver Rowing Club. From Left to Right: Alan Ho, Dave Tsang, Cristina Green, Andrew Tinka, Brad Bergman, Lisa Malin
Sitting Around
From Left to Right: Alan Ho, Lisa Malin, Brad Berman, Andrew Tinka, Dave Tsang
Eating Sushi
Eating Sushi: Lisa Malin, Alan Ho, Amy Fong
The Rings
Showing off our new Iron Rings.
Back Row: Andrew Tinka, Dave Tsang, Brad Bergman, Alan Macek, Greg Marte, Renee Boileau
Front Row: Alan Ho, Amy Fong, Cristina Green, Jason Thompson
Wall Art
A sample of the wall decorations produced by Renee with help from Sheri Hackwell.
The caption reads:
"Optics Lecture 3" from the collection of Jochen Meyer

"optional" Photonics text$90
Catching up on sleep in class$231
Getting someone else to transcribe Meyer's notespriceless
Finger with Ring
A detail photo of a ring

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